Morro Bay High School’s Boy Basketball- Danny Martinez and Jacob Falat

Jan 31, 2024 | Athlete of the Month

Coach Emily Dunn shares, “In his senior season, Danny Martinez is one of the captains of the Morro Bay High School boys’ basketball team. Danny is the epitome of a stellar teammate on and off the basketball court. His leadership shines through his actions, emphasizing the importance of teamwork. Recognizing the value of every detail, Danny’s commitment to doing the little things sets the tone for team success. His influential voice resonates with all teammates, becoming a reliable pillar for players and coaches.

Jacob Falat, a powerhouse of the MBHS boys’ basketball team, is one of the players who dominates the boards with rebounding prowess. Not only does Jacob secure possessions but also contributes a solid 15 points per game. A true competitor, Jacob’s high basketball IQ is a game-changer, guiding the team to success. His teammates and coaches alike deeply appreciate his strategic brilliance and relentless dedication on the court.