Morro Bay Girls Soccer- Emily Giordano and Mia Bennett.

Jan 31, 2024 | Athlete of the Month

Varsity Girls Soccer coaches Kim Wishon and Stuart Fryer share, “Emily is an amazing, dedicated part of our team. As a sophomore last year she suffered a debilitating knee injury that kept her on the sidelines the entire season. She came back this year, stronger and ready to play. As a captain she leads the team with her grit, commitment and hustle. She plays forward and attacking midfield, and is always making a difference on the field. She is one of those players that makes things happen and she is a leader in assists. She wins the ball in the midfield, makes runs to move the ball forward and always follows shots. We look forward to Emily continuing to lead the team next year.

Mia is a force to be reckoned with! She plays striker and attacking midfield and is a top goal scorer. She is a dynamic player that always gives 100% in whatever position she plays. She enjoys being involved, has incredible stamina, and embodies the saying – “covers every blade of grass on the field”. This, combined with her close control skills, makes her an essential player on our team. The team plays better with Mia on the field and we look forward to watching her continue to develop and be a leader next year.