Girls Volleyball- Rio Flemming and Reese Kelly

Sep 26, 2023 | Athlete of the Month

Head Volleyball coach, Katherine Yabrough, shares, 

“Girls Volleyball is proud to select Varsity players Rio Fleming (Senior, #1) and Reese Kelly (Sophomore, #3) as the student athletes of the month for September.  Rio was voted by her teammates as Captain for this season, and every day she proves she deserves it with her leadership, positivity, work ethic, and all around great personality.  Reese has shown the greatest improvement in so many different aspects of her game in the short period we’ve been in season so far, and has the attitude every single day of wanting to keep improving.  Both Rio and Reese have earned starting positions in nearly every match we’ve played so far, but their contributions to our team atmosphere go so far beyond their physical capabilities – they lead by example, they take every moment with purpose, and they set the tone of positivity, encouragement, and support for their teammates.  We are appreciative of everything they bring on and off the court and are very deserving of this honor!”

Congratulations, Rio and Reese!