Boys and Girls Cross Country – Lucas McAlpine, Gabriel Yanez-Michel, Wendy Wilson

Oct 31, 2023 | Athlete of the Month

Coach Frere shares the following about her student/athletes, “

Lucas McAlpine – Lucas is a freshman who has really grown into being a leader among the younger runners. He has been running Varsity and is making a difference in our top 5 guys. He is at practice each day with a positive attitude and is ready to put in the work it takes to be competitive. He is excited about his running career and has goals of running even faster times in the future.

Gabriel Yanez-Michel – Gabriel started this summer as a brand-new runner and is making solid gains this season. Gabriel puts forth his best effort in whatever we are doing, whether it be our daily drills, core & band work, or running a workout. He is a role model for anyone on our team and an excellent example of how consistent work pays off for anyone new to a sport.

Wendy Wilson – Wendy has been training with the team since summer and is consistently one of our top girls. She loves to run, comes to practice energetic and always wants to do more. She enjoys learning how to run a course and practices strategies such as sharp turns. She will be a key player for the girls team in our Championship season this year.”